Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update Drivers to Fix Compaq Presario Wireless Connection

I used to have two Compaq Presario laptops. Both of them had wireless connection problems after 2 years and out of warranty. The wireless light was red/orange no matter how I switched on or off. When the wireless was working, the light was supposed to be blue. It didn't help even though I replaced a new wireless adapter. Device Manager could not recognize the wireless card.

After many tries, I found out these solutions that could help fix this problem:

1). Installing an updated driver for the wireless adapter and chipset. Usually it's a problem relating to north or south bridge which handles communications between the CPU and wireless card. You can easily find  those updated drivers on the Internet.

2). This solution may work on some laptops. You may reset your computer. Try set your power scheme to high performance and then Save. Shut down but not restart and then boot back up. This way may work for some people to fix the wirless light and get the mainboard to recogize the wireless card.

List of driver file names for HP Compaq Presario Laptop for your reference:
Software-Driver download - Internet Access:
sp36684 - for Microsoft Windows XP, XP Home Edition, XP Media Center, XP Professional, XP Tablet
                 PC Edition
sp34167 - for Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
sp36685 - for Microsoft Windows 2000
sp37951 - for Microsoft Windows 2000
sp51605 - for Microsoft Windows 7
sp51988 - for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP Pro
sp38202 - for Microsoft Windows Vista, XP
sp37745 - for Microsoft Windows Vista

These files contain the broadcom wireless LAN drivers that are required to enable the integrated boardcom wireless LAN adapter in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system.